Analytical Capabilities

Purisys offers complete in-house analytical testing capabilities, including ICH compliant stability studies. We are fully licensed for handling Class I to Class V controlled substances as a part of this capability.

Services include:

  • Analytical method development, validation, and transfer using regulatory framework (USP, ICH, etc.)
  • Impurity identification and forensic investigative testing
  • Preformulation (e.g., excipient compatibility, solubility, etc.)
  • Product release and stability testing

Analytical Equipment

Liquid Chromatography

  • 6 Different makes/models
  • HPLC and uHPLC
  • Detectors: VWD/TUV/DAD/PDA, Single quad MS, Triple quad MS, ELSD, CAD

Gas Chromatography

  • Agilent 6890 with FID
  • Shimadzu GC with MS and FID
  • Headspace and Direct Inject Systems

Physical Properties

  • Laser Diffraction (wet and dry dispersion)
  • High Powered Optical Microscopes
  • XRPD
  • DSC/Melting Point
  • Specific Surface Area
  • True Density
  • Bulk/Tapped Density
  • Powder Rheometry

Wet Chemistry tests (KF, Titration, etc.)



  • 2x ICH compliant cGMP stability chambers Photostability Chamber


Various Other Common Techniques

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