Cannabinoid-Based Consumer Products

We can help you build and protect your brands

As the global markets for consumer cannabinoid products develop, Purisys is positioned to help you innovate and develop new concepts – and to support you through commercial introduction and continuing supply of high-quality ingredients that you – and your customers – can trust.

State-of-the-Industry Innovation

Purisys is at the forefront of understanding the potential markets for cannabinoids. It has an active R&D program on the development of materials that take advantage of the latest science in the field. We have in-house product development experts and industry partnerships that cover a wide range of consumer applications. We can work with your R&D, product development, commercialization, and manufacturing teams to develop comprehensive solutions for new product introduction.

Creating Great Consumer Experiences

Purisys has extensive background in the development of cannabinoid-based formulations that are safe, efficacious, and meet consumer expectations for taste, appearance and quality – addressing such issues as bioavailability, solubility, texture/mouthfeel, stability, and shelf life. We partner with some of the industry’s leading experts in the development of delivery systems and have an existing knowledge base of applications data.

Ingredient Supply for Every Phase of Your Project

From research quantities to multiple tons, Purisys is a manufacturing resource for your entire product development and commercialization portfolio. Our experience as a pharmaceutical manufacturer means that you are getting consistent supplies of the highest quality materials on the market – along with strong regulatory support for minimum delay or complications.