Our Story

Providing Cannabinoid Solutions Across a Range of Markets

Purisys was formed with one global goal in mind – to provide pharmaceutical and consumer product companies with the most comprehensive and sustainable array of resources for commercialization available today.

  • These solutions start with cannabinoid science – and understanding the scientific-basis for therapeutic and wellness applications of these ingredients in supporting human health and well-being.
  • Ingredients are developed using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for a broad range of cannabinoids on both small and large scales to create a reliable supply chain to support pharmaceutical and consumer product development and launch – at the highest levels of quality and within cost structures required for successful product commercialization.
  • Purisys has a successful regulatory track record that is second to none in the pharmaceutical industry – and that commitment to consistency and quality is carried over to our work with consumer products.
  • We support manufacturing with a series of “enabling technologies” that focus on the most effective delivery of therapeutic benefits of Purisys cannabinoids. We can help you manage bioavailability, solubility, taste, and texture in dosage forms and delivery systems that are innovative and effective.
  • Today, Purisys has developed in-house teams to support every phase of commercial product development across a broad range of market, and applications. As the market for cannabinoids expands, and regulatory hurdles increase, we will continue to invest and add new resources to this capability.