PsychadelicClinical CannabinoidCommercial CannabinoidCommercial Narcotic
PsilocinCBCNabiloneHydromorphone Hydrochloide, NSP
PsilocybinCBNCBDBuprenorphine Hydrochloride, NSP
__20% D9-THC in Sesame OilOpium Powder (coming soon)
__Neat DronabinolNalmefene (coming soon)

Your Molecule. Delivered.

Purisys is a proven leader in API synthesis and manufacturing. We combine a deep knowledge of pharmaceutical API synthesis and manufacturing with an intense focus on quality and regulatory oversight. We have the knowledge and experience you need – whatever your project, and wherever you are in your journey to market.

Purisys offers a fully operational global supply chain and exports to more than 40 countries–meeting all international regulatory compliance requirements.

Psychedelic APIs

Purisys has industry-leading expertise and capabilities to manufacture psychedelic compounds of a variety of chemical classes for human pharmaceutical clinical trials and commercial applications. This includes background in all clinically relevant psychedelic chemistry.

Cannabinoid APIs

Purisys is a market leader in the custom cannabinoid space. We currently produce all major and minor cannabinoids of clinical interest, as well as degradants, metabolites and analytical reference standards. Purisys holds commercial pharmaceutical cannabinoid drug master files (DMFs) for dronabinol (Δ9-THC), cannabidiol, and nabilone. 

Our Experience. Your Compounds.

Purisys delivers broad scientific expertise and innovative technology to enable the development, scale-up and commercialization of a broad range of custom APIs, including low-bioburden, high-potency, and labile APIs. Purisys has a long track record of cGMP compliance with a US-domestic footprint, ensuring security and dependability of supply. Purisys also has commercial API offerings, such as Nalmefene HCl.

Manufacturing Excellence. Full-Service Support.

Our flagship, 17,000-square-foot innovation center and manufacturing facility in Athens, GA provides complex, high-barrier custom synthetic chemistry and manufacture of pharmaceutical APIs, as well as specialized comprehensive controlled substance expertise featuring Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-secure manufacturing.

The facility also offers reference standard synthesis and qualification, small-scale Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) clinical and commercial manufacturing, non-sterile low-bioburden processing and milling, and custom packaging. Purisys is able to operate and produce cGMP APIs on milligram to multi-ton scale. We have extensive API Regulatory CMC knowledge and hold eight commercial drug master files. Purisys offers fully operational global supply chain and logistics, exporting to more than 40 countries – with full international regulatory compliance.

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